What to expect 1 week prior to delivery?

Discussion in 'Model S' started by RomanWilson, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. RomanWilson

    RomanWilson New Member

    Aug 3, 2018
    Hello everyone,
    I'm wondering what to expect in the week and days leading up to delivery.

    I have previously been told by my OA that my delivery date is 8/10 (just a week from today).
    At the moment, I have not been able to finalize my loan through Tesla, or confirm my trade in value (for that reason, the amount of the loan is TBD).
    After emailing my Delivery Specialist several times in the past 10 days - no answer to any form of communication.

    Can anyone tell me what the process is like to close out these last items and take delivery?
    I'm hoping to get some sort of certainty so i can plan ahead (i.e., take off work for the day, plan a "mini-road trip/maiden voyage/ honey moon")

  2. marlenelarkin

    marlenelarkin New Member

    May 12, 2018
    I can't advise about the trade in or loan because I did a cash purchase with no trade in, but I can say my delivery person was also slow to respond. I would look up and call the delivery office to have them confirm for you. The preliminary total they gave me weeks earlier matched my final but again I didn't have to trade in. I can add I was very pleasently surprised that the improved the delivery date by a week going into my final three weeks and then improved that again by four days. They were flexible by a couple of days for me to make it in to get my S, but they will appreciate it the sooner you can get the car to get it off the lot. When we went to get it I understood why. Their lot was overflowing. Georgia is fourth in nation for EVs and lots of us lucky folks getting Teslas. Even got to see a rare model 3 on the lot. Delivery took an hour where the have you sign paperwork electronically (that was just about 5 min) and the rest of the time was the person walking you through the display options. Bring any cell phones you want to run the Tesls app with you and download the app before going. Nothing will show on the app until your pick up time you agree to come in so you don't control the car remotely before they have you there. Also do a good walkthrough over exterior. I had just a little clear coat on a light that rubbed off during shipping and although minor they agreed to fix. Have fun with you new Tesla. I'm beyond in love with the car. Best money I have ever spent.


    Aug 16, 2018
    Your lucky you can trade in your car there. Your not able to in Norway. I would guess you could range the trade in value to general market price and discount 10 to 15% as most dealers will give you less than if you sell private. As for the loan that should be pretty easily done. I just sold my car private and paid in full the day before i collected. My delivery was 15 days late but no issue really as it was worth the wait :)
    have you recieved your car now ?
  4. LyonsRK

    LyonsRK New Member

    Sep 9, 2018
    I am going through the same thing. I am scheduled to pick up my S P100D Inventory Model in Austin Wednesday. I am using Tesla's Leasing Service. I have been emailing them for over a week to get the final contract with exact amount of up front money from me so I can plan. I was told this would all be done before hand, but so far nothing. My Sales guy, Mario has been great. Chris is my delivery manager and just started contacting me this past week to schedule the delivery at the Tesla service center here. I was also a bit surprised at how much I had to "learn" about my car before hand. Because it is inventory, there were many items just generalized in the spec sheet. I assumed that since it was a 2018, it would have ventilated seats like the test drive model I was in. Nope. That came out supposedly in May and my inventory vehicle was produced in March. That would be nice to disclose up front. I had to ask whether or not it had the CF spoiler since it is included with the P100D. Apparently not (its a check box option, not assumed included). I did save 21K off the new version, but these items would have been nice. It does have the EAP, Sunroof, 21" CF Slipstream wheels, High Capacity built in charger. I am hopeful paperwork will be finalized tomorrow so I can line up my $. I leave town Thursday for London and India for 10 days, so that will be a bummer if this doesnt get done before hand. Hope you are enjoying yours now.

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