What can we expect from the "second unveiling"?

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by Tesla Addict, May 19, 2016.

  1. There is so much speculation on what could happen... What will Tesla show us? A hatchback version of the Model 3? A two door version of the Model 3? Confirmed specs on the car? Different and finalized designs?

    Elon musk stated on Twitter: "Thanks for tuning in to the Model 3 unveil Part 1! Part 2 is super next level, but that's for later...". If Mr. Musk himself says it's going to be super next level, it has too be out of this world!

    The anticipation is through the roof...

    What do you guys think? What will we see at the second unveiling?
  2. I don't think Part 2 will reveal that much more than what we already know. We know the standard drivetrain will be RWD but with the ability to upgrade to a dual motor D configuration. We know there will be Ludicrous mode, and we know the car will likely have a 65 kWh battery or less (as Elon made mention of during the Q1 earnings call).

    The big unknowns is the interior and whether it will have a HUD which many are speculating that it will.
  3. I keep thinking that the new Roadster (based on the 3) will be announced with Maximum Plaid...
  4. *Mind blown*

    I actually think they'll finally reveal the not-so-secret P100D during Part 2. Someone I was chatting with brought up a great point that existing refreshed versions of the Model S P90D already have the 100 kWh similar to how the 70Ds have the 75 kWh battery that can be 'unlocked' for a price.
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  5. I can see that, but not during Part 2... Before that. When the stock needs a bump, Elon will announce the 100D to unlock like you said.
  6. I don't think they'll do the roadster yet, they want to keep all eyes on the Model ☰ for a while.

    I think the HUD/steering wheel controls will be a big focus but then also the options on the car -- what batteries will it support, panoramic sunroof and a few of the other items.

    The main question to me as I look forward to the 3 is how it overlaps with the S and what it doesn't offer that the S does and vice versa.
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  7. I agree! They mentioned the Roadster upgrade but nothing much more... Maybe a reason why they never talked more about the Roadster is because they are focusing on the big prize, the Model 3.

    And personally, I would rather have them focus on the Model 3... The Roadster already exists. I can only assume that Roadster owners are happy with their car.

    On the other hand, the Model 3 needs to be perfect, it's truly going to change the world!

    So, I would much prefer more work being put into the 3 compared to making the Roadster better.
  8. Probably... but the new Roadster was always proposed to be based on the 3 platform... Much in the same way that the X is based on the S platform.

    So, they could reveal new Roadster at "second unveiling" and promise to deliver it at 2021 or something...

    And yes... I don't know of too many Roadster owners that are unhappy. Though there are a few.
  9. Hmmm that's interesting, never thought of it!

    I personally love the Roadster, I have only seen three in my life (I live in Canada, there are not too many on the roads here). So maybe now with their infrastructure, they could make a "more affordable" Roadster with many more of them made compared to the original. The Audi TT of Tesla if you will :)

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