Watch Tesla Model 3 body panels being stamped in real-time

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  1. gene

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    May 19, 2016


    Following Elon Musk’s recent video posting of a Model 3 being flanked by robots on a production body line, Tesla’s CEO is back with another video this time showing Model 3 body panels being produced in actual speed.

    “Stamping Model 3 body panels (real-time)” reads the description on his Instagram video. Tesla’s ubiquitous red-painted Kuka robots named after X-men superheroes are seen doing a carefully orchestrated dance of feeding sheets of metal into a high-pressure stamping machine. We’ve previously documented the strategic blend of aluminum, mild steel and ultra high-strength steels being used throughout Model 3’s body structure. What appears to be an aluminum sheet being fed into a die-well for the factory’s massive transfer press quickly takes the shape of a Model 3 body panel.

    The latest video by Musk is seemingly aimed at dispelling a recent report claiming that major portions of Model 3 was being produced by hand. Tesla addressed the allegation, saying that the report was “fundamentally wrong and misleading”, and further added that Model 3 production and its supply chain are facing no fundamental issues. “We are simply working through the S-curve of production that we drew out for the world to see at our launch event in July. There’s a reason it’s called production hell.” read a statement by Tesla.

    As Tesla continues to work through its Model 3 “manufacturing bottlenecks”, as noted in the company’s latest third-quarter deliveries and production report, and ramps up production to meet its guidance of 5,000 units produced per week in 2017, we can expect Musk to tease with even more photos and videos that will show progress being made at its factory and highlight the company’s high volume production capabilities.

    Article: Watch Tesla Model 3 body panels being stamped in real-time
  2. Taylor S Marks

    Feb 1, 2017
    That stamper comes so close to crushing the arm on its right. Does the stamper have some sensors and code to make sure it doesn’t make contact with the arm?Just if like... a motor in the arm fails or the computer crashes or something, leaving the arm there to get crushed
  3. YogaJohn

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    Jul 4, 2017
    I was thinking the same thing - it's pretty amazing and incredibly precise...and MASSIVE!
  4. mjenn

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    Oct 13, 2017
    Millersville, PA
    Interesting work rate, looks like they can stamp 960 pieces per hour or over 7,600 parts per day from that press cell. Production rates like this will help put a dent in the que for model 3's.

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