Vehicle-to-grid charging - Tesla's competitive disadvantage?

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Are you familiar with V2G (vehicle-to-grid) or bi-directional charging?

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  1. haroldrbuster

    haroldrbuster New Member

    Jan 9, 2018
    San Francisco, CA
    Happy new year to all!

    Wanted to start off the year with a topic I have been thinking about. One topic I don't see to much discussion on is Tesla's involvement in V2G technology. Bi-directional charging is one of the huge benefits to EV penetration in the auto market - and is a big theme in the development of smart city infrastructure. Nissan has gotten some press with their announcement of V2G charging for the next-gen Leaf, but Tesla has been all but silent on the topic. My understanding is that V2G connectivity is very hard on lithium-ion batteries and would increase the rate at which the overall battery capacity decreases, so it would make sense why Tesla does not want to focus on that aspect of charging. Although lithium-ion batteries are becoming cheaper, Tesla has made it clear that they are not interested in swapping out old batteries for new.

    Additionally, JB Straubel has recently talked about how Tesla is planning on improving charging technology - but only the current one-way charging, and not bi-directional charging. Tesla already utilizes this technology with smart inverters in Tesla Energy systems, so I can't imagine they are not able to figure it out for cars (unless they have an incentive not to). My concern is - Tesla will be at a disadvantage if competitors offer V2G technology earlier to customers, as it puts more cash in the customers' pockets and lowers electricity bills (may make home charging more cost efficient). Every additional car Tesla manufactures without V2G technology will be incompatible with this infrastructure - are they banking on those cars being obsolete by the time this infrastructure is in place? I'll add a poll - curious to know how many people are familiar with this technology.

    What are your thoughts on how this technology may affect the company?

  2. Dennis

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    The other thought would be that Tesla's Holistic approach with Solar Roof and PowerWalls will be a better advantage than V2G.

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