Tesla won't charge a Supercharger idle fee if stalls are empty

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    Dec 6, 2016

    [​IMG]Shortly after Tesla announced it's new plan to curb Supercharger abuse by implementing a $.40 per minute “idle fee” for owners that leave vehicles plugged in after charging has been completed, the company has amended the policy to better reflect conditions of occupancy at Supercharger stalls when the fee is applied.
    Though the new Supercharger policy was largely embraced by the community of existing and future Tesla owners, it didn't stop some from taking to forums and social media to voice suggestions on how the fee-based policy can be improved. In question is whether an idle fee will be applied if a particular Supercharger location is empty.
    Notable Tesla evangelist and author of Owning Model S, Nick Howe, took to Twitter to address that very same concern with the company. “@TeslaMotors does the fee apply if multiple chargers are empty? Seems wrong to penalize an extra 10 min if stalls are free.”, asks Howe.
    The suggestions seems to have made sense to Tesla, but more importantly to CEO Elon Musk. Musk took to Twitter this morning to confirm that the rules governing the Supercharger idle fee policy will be amended to only penalize owners that leave vehicles plugged in and not charging when the majority of charging bays are full.
    “We are going to modify this so that people only pay a fee if most bays are occupied. If the site is basically deserted, no problem to park.”

    Article: Tesla won't charge a Supercharger idle fee if stalls are not occupied

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