Tesla will have an Easter egg basket feature: access all via one touch

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  1. gene

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    May 19, 2016


    Discovering a Tesla Easter egg is arguably one of the greatest joys of driving a Model S and Model X. Whether it’s being able to unleash your artistic abilities directly on the vehicle’s center touchscreen or discover the meaning of life through your Tesla, being able to find and experience something that was originally hidden from plain sight, needless to say, always comes with a thrill.

    According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a new Easter egg basket feature will be arriving in a future over-the-air software update that will reveal previously discovered Easter eggs through a single touch. The serial tech entrepreneur tweeted a picture of  the upcoming feature, showing a main screen containing icons that represent their respective Tesla Easter egg.

    A Christmas tree ornament seen on the touchscreen presumably represents Tesla’s recent Model X ‘Holiday Show’ Easter egg, while an icon of the Red Planet is clearly indicative of Tesla’s ‘Mars Easter egg’.

    What icon will Tesla use to represent Ludicrous Mode and the latest Ludicrous+ Easter egg? And can anyone guess what the very first Tesla Easter egg was?

    Article: Tesla will have an Easter egg basket feature: access all via one touch
  2. ModelX

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    Dec 16, 2016
    Is the first egg supposed to be "Deep Thought"? The Douglas Adams character/super computer built to give the answer to the universe (which it hilariously calculates as 42 because the question is the problem) and then spends millions of years dorment.

    The big eyes. The fact that it's the earth (and the Earth is what Deep Thought suggests creating in order to find the question so it can then go back and calculate the answer). That's all I can guess.
  3. Corsair66

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    Apr 8, 2017
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    I could really do with less of the whimsical, juvenile crapola and more attention paid to eliminating bugs and bringing AP2 fully up to AP1 capabilities - as was promised both when I ordered my Model S last October and when it was delivered in December.

    My car has been in the shop three times (for a total of 19 days) to fix one particular issue. They seem to have it right now, but we'll see. Unfortunately, I feel as though I'm being used as a beta tester (on a $100K+ vehicle!) for Tesla's half-baked software. I chose to take a step down in luxury to try out the tech, but it just hasn't been there.

    As things stand now, I'm planning to flip the car this summer and probably go back to Mercedes and the S-Class Coupe I meant to order last fall before being sidetracked. Though the new DB11 looks really good...

    Anyway, sorry to be so negative, but it's definitely not all roses and sunshine in Tesla ownership land.
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    Dec 15, 2016
    Philly, PA
    And here I sit, sketchpadless. No update for me.

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