Tesla updates Model S/X charge port to support China's charging standard

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    Tesla has made good on its pledge to support domestic charging standards in China, which arguably has been a barrier to sales for the California electric car maker in the world’s largest auto market. The company announced on Monday that a modified version of the Model S and Model X with a new charge port design will be sold in China that supports the country’s GB/T DC fast charging standard.

    The China-only version of the Model S and Model X features a new charge port door that resembles a gas tank door and replaces Tesla’s ubiquitous motorized charge port door that’s discreetly tucked away into the vehicle’s rear taillight housing. Tesla will be providing free charging adapters to customers that own the earlier versions of the Model S and Model X without the newly integrated GB/T charge port.


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    The new charge port design will provide Tesla customers in China with charging options beyond the company’s proprietary Supercharger network and give new buyers access to the country’s expansive electric vehicle charging network. China’s Sate Council has committed to building more than 12,000 new charging stations by 2020 to support the burgeoning market for ‘new energy vehicles’. Tesla has also recently announced that it will install 1,000 Superchargers in China by the end of 2017.

    A Tesla spokesperson recently confirmed with Teslarati that a Supercharger station was under construction in Shanghai which is believed to become the world’s largest Supercharger station. We provided a first glance of what appears to be 40 to 60 Supercharger stalls being installed in a parking complex at Shanghai’s Commercial Centre.

    China sold 507,000 new energy vehicles in 2016 representing a more than 50 percent increase from the year prior. China’s state media has recently reported that the country was working on plans to begin the phase-out of gasoline and diesel vehicles, giving Tesla a further edge in cutting out a slice of the world’s largest EV market.

    Article: Tesla updates Model S/X charge port to support China's charging standard
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    It would be useful to have a WORLD WIDE standard electric car charging STANDARD so that we could begin to see a proper infrastructure developed and installed.
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    Agreed, but it needs to go further than just the connector and voltage. There should be an associated data channel and standards to support 'smart charging' with energy consumption tailored for grid smoothing. It should also support vehicle to vehicle energy transfer for roadside assist and vehicle to grid energy transfer so the vehicle can also act as a power wall type storage device. All should be fully monitored and managed with financial mechanism that takes account both of the energy cost and the impact on battery lifetime.

    Tesla should show the way here even in the absence of standards. Vehicle-to-vehicle transfer even just between Teslas could be really attractive given the community feeling between Tesla owners, especially if backed up by a robust financial transfer mechanism and 'request assistance' brokering.

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