Tesla Q2 earnings call Live Feed: Model 3 progress, cashflow, Q3/Q4 profit

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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is set to take the stage on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 pm PDT (5:30 pm EDT) to talk about the company’s Q2 financial results. Following a relatively positive quarter, based on after-hours stock activity, with the Silicon Valley-based electric car maker and energy company posting record revenues and wider adjusted losses, investors will attempt to glean insight on company progress toward profitability and Model 3 ramp.

    RECAP: Tesla (TSLA) posts Q2 2018 financial results: $4B revenue, profitability in focus 

    Stay with us as we bring you live coverage from today’s Tesla Q2 2018 earnings call.

    Tesla Q2 Earnings - Curated tweets by clprenz

    Article: Tesla Q2 earnings call Live Feed: Model 3 progress, cashflow, Q3/Q4 profit
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    Hey people, Cut Mr. Musk some slack. It\'s tough enough to manage an upstart business, let alone one pushing cutting edge tech, in the Auto industry no less, while at the same time, improving surface transportation, developing energy sources and conquering Space, both near and far far away and planing for the colonization of distant worlds. You\'re not tweeting Joe Schmuck here.
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    Seems basically all is under control. Lots of events in the wings: location for European Gigafactory, start of construction on Shanghai Gigafactory, timing and content of V.9 firmware release. Some unaddressed issues, esp. how to produce cells fast enough to keep with Tesla car production, Powerwall production, and megaprojects with power companies, but nothing that cannot be solved. All looking fine and exciting :)
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