Tesla Model S Voice Commands

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    The Tesla Model S voice command feature provides the power of Google voice recognition combined with the ubiquitous Google search and maps. It's an often overlooked feature of the Model S (at least for me) that I'm starting to re-explore in my second year of ownership.

    Why have I overlooked it? Well … for starters, I find myself intuitively touching the massive center screen and navigating directly to my Favorites whether it be a destination or a favorite slacker station. It's not that I dislike voice commands. Rather, the visual dominance of the touchscreen wipes away all memory that the feature even exists.

    But as I continue using it (for the purpose of this write up), I'm starting to really dig it. I can see how voice command could be a much quicker and safer alternative to typing.

    Tesla Model S Voice Commands
    Voice commands can be initiated by pressing and holding the voice button located towards the top right of the steering wheel. A tone will sound when the button is initially depressed. Release the button only after speaking the full command.

    • “Navigate to” - Example: “Navigate to Home” will take you to your pre-programmed home address. Similarly you can navigate to your [work] destination by speaking “Drive to work”.
    • “Drive to” - Because Google is powering the search capabilities, you're able to speak any destination whether it be an address or a point of interest by name. Example: “Drive to Disneyland”
    • “Where is” - Example: “Where is the nearest Starbucks?” will return a list of Starbucks closest to your proximity.
    Phone (Bluetooth) Dialing
    • “Call” - Specify the name of the person or number you wish to call / dial.
    • “Dial”

    • “Play” - This command will initiate a search across the built-in Slacker Internet Radio. Search by artist name, name of song or both.
    • “Listen to”Example: “Listen to Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer”
    Provide Tesla Motors Feedback
    Initiating the following voice commands will send Tesla Motors a recording of your voice message. I can't help but imagine how fun it must be to be on the receiving end of the voice messages.

    • “Note”
    • “Report”
    • “Bug Report”
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