Tesla Model 3 with RWD will be produced first, followed by dual motor in "6 to 9 months"

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by teslarati, Mar 24, 2017.

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    My guess is that it wouldn't be because the wait will probably be even longer than for the AWD Model 3.

    With the price drop on the Model S 75D, that may now be a worthwhile candidate.
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    If that would be the case then you should look at the Model S. Lucid is priced more like the S than the 3.
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    The Model 3 gives several hints as to what its original design intent was for. Its design language shouts ride-sharing autonomous people mover. In other words an urban vehicle. Its not mom car nor a cargo mover of any significant volume amounts. It was always intended to have a smallish trunk and frunk. A hatchback was never in the cards for this vehicle. For that you have the Model Y coming. The Model 3 is not really intended for long distance traveling either, although in the 75kwh configuration you could do longer trips but it was never designed with long distance traveling in mind. The Model S and X were always designed for long distance trips, also to be capable of moving fairly significant amounts of cargo weather for city or long distance traveling. Anyone who maybe disappointed that the Model 3 was never really intended for long trips well you are looking at the wrong vehicle. In a 75D configuration it should be capable of longish trips, its just not ideal. Another hint that the Model 3 is primarily designed as an urban auto. Look at where most of the next round of Superchargers are going to be installed. Mostly urban environments. The Model 3 is almost ideal for urban dwellers.

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