Tesla Model 3 Sightings and Spy Shots

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  1. As Tesla gears up for mid-year production of the Model 3, we should expect to see a lot more "spy shots" and sightings of their test mule on streets throughout California, and beyond.

    Let's post links and photos of them here. I'm particularly excited about seeing the first sightings of the Model 3 at the Fremont factory test track!

    Here's a photo to one of my favorites, captured from last year's Tesla employee party at Avaya stadium.

  2. Apparently Tesla is showing a Model 3 promotional videos at a store in Belgium. Though the date of the video uploaded by EVAnnex is new, it's hard to tell if the original video is from last year or in fact a recent video.

    What do you think? I also find it strange that they would still show the triple line insignia as opposed to using "Model 3", based on the USPTO filing @AstroJane discovered yesterday.

  3. Here is a better view of that video I found. Looks interesting, but definitely is still one of the original cars they showed off.
  4. Might be considered heresy, but the shovel nose isn't looking better with time...

    I know many are hoping for the grill/moustache to make an appearance on the final Model 3, but I really like the renders I've seen of the clean-line nose which wraps around the body contour already under the headlights and rounds/smooths it right across the front.

    Probably the shovel nose's crisp line is needed aerodynamic trickery as a splitter, but I think it's rightly been criticized as the weakest part of the design.

    It just looks like the clay model rolled off the table and whacked nose-first into the floor.



  5. Great Point, I like your suggestion better too- probably more efficient too.

  6. I should note--- the pictures are from three separate sources, none from me. I'm not the only one thinking along these lines!
  7. And as an aside... that nose, on a new roadster boxy, would be-- in the words of George Takei, "OH MY."

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  8. OH MY indeed. Sexy!
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    I hope the front of the nose will be more low as of a Porsche. And the rear a bit lower or the spoiler flattened out more.
    The simularities with a European vulgair Opel familycar are there. Only working class is forced to drive an Opel. It is their mark, their statement and position within their own group.
    If the lines of the model 3 stay this way and after I have seen a demonstration car in real life I still have my doubts, I will reconsider my reservation. And look for other electric cars by that time. Maybe Lucid will make a smaller version of the Air.
  10. A friend at Unplugged Performance just sent us the following video they captured of the silver Model 3 cruising around the SpaceX backlot.

  11. My wife looked at this footage and I didn't say my (any) comment over the first video . Her reaction:" Ohh, what a common car."
    By the time the 3 will be delivered in Europe and I have the change to change my reservation into purchase, I think I will have dificulties with the "Empress". That's a blow in my face, I can tell you that.
  12. We still need resolution on the dash.

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