Tesla Model 3 monthly payment after tax, fees, insurance, and charging costs

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    Tesla Model 3 reservation holders can now have a head start when it comes to calculating their soon-to-be monthly payment thanks to a new online tool created by self-proclaimed data geek and Model S owner Ben Sullins of Teslanomics.

    The Model 3 Monthly Cost Estimator uses a four step questionnaire to provide reservation holders with a picture of their financial commitment to owning a Model 3. Teslanomics’ tool accounts for loan rates, tax and fees, insurance costs, and even charging costs to establish an overall monthly cost of owning the vehicle. While Model 3 will fall under Tesla’s pay-per-use Supercharging model, Teslanomics assumes that a 40 mile daily commute under a spirited “fast” driving style will equate to roughly $1.80 per day in charging costs, or roughly $54.00 per month.

    Aside from having the ability to select from current Model 3 upgrades, including battery range, wheel size, paint color, premium upgrade, and Autopilot, Sullins even went as far as including a currency converter within the cost estimator.

    This latest calculator builds on Teslanomics’ previous tool that predicted the cost of a Model 3 after tax credits, and comes ahead of Tesla’s wide rollout of the official Model 3 online configurator.

    Enter your Model 3 configuration details in the calculator below and find out what the vehicle could cost you per month.

    Please note that the calculator is being provided courtesy of Teslanomics. The tool will prompt users with an optional contact form at the end of Step 4 (scroll back up to view results after clicking “See Results”). An accompanying video has also been embedded below the calculator.

    Article: Tesla Model 3 monthly payment after tax, fees, insurance, and charging costs
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    Matt D'Angelo, the calculator is very useful,tks.
    It does introduce a sticker shock by including things most car owners fail to think about. To counter this, a similar calculator on a gas car with a comparable total cost of ownership would be nice.
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    I agree it's pretty shocking, but yea, comparing to an ICE car would be interesting. Just wanted to throw out a few points. 1) The interest rate that is expected (based on some employees input) is 2.74%. I guess that could change or not be true, but I'm going to go with that assumption for now. 2) Is 60 months standard? I figured 72 months was more normal for purchasing a car these days? 3) There's no mention of the $1000 deposit on there. I added it to the downpayment for calculations sake. I assume you can use the $1k towards your fees or $2500 downpayment? 4) I didn't notice any change in cost by changing the driving style. They all calculate the same way. 5) If you're calculating electricity and insurance costs, shouldn't maintenance get factored in as well? There are no oil changes, but Tesla's maintenance package for the Model S/X are outrageous.

    So far this is the best tool I've tried for calculating the cost of my Model 3! Looking at the price makes me cringe, but I've wanted this car for so long, there's no turning back now!

    Also wanted to mention that I'm planning to pay what I plan to get back in incentives ($10K) into the down payment. Takes a little sting out of the monthly payment shock. Still $760+ is pretty painful.
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    Nice article. Except for thing. Ben has a lousy track record with numbers projections. And isn't this the guy who started spreading the rumor that the Model 3 was going to have a new "4416' cell, when in fact that is simply the number of 2170 cells in the battery pack?
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    You will want to do some tax planning with your CPA or tax professional. Not everyone qualifies for the full $7,500 FIT credit

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