Tesla Model 3 modules are comparable to F-35 flight controller, says expert

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    Tesla Model 3 critic and Detroit veteran Sandy Munro discussed much of the results of his company’s teardown of the electric car in a recent episode of Autoline After Hours. In a lengthy discussion with the network’s panel, Munro explained what he liked about electric car, even gushing at one point and saying that the Model 3 electronics are comparable to a flight controller found on the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II stealth multirole fighter.

    In his most recent Autoline interview, Munro noted that his team is almost finished with its analysis and teardown of the electric car. While the Detroit veteran still maintained that he doesn’t have much good to say about the vehicle’s mechanical components, the Model 3’s electronics, battery, and suspension are a completely different matter.

    According to Munro, the Model 3’s Automatic Drive Modules are a class above the industry, featuring a design architecture that is usually found on high-end electronics and government-grade machines. Munro even compared the Model 3’s drive module to the flight controller of the F-35, which he is familiar with due to his company’s work for the US military.

    “If you look at this thing, this is cellphone technology. This is the technology we would see in really high-end computers, normally for the government. When you look at this, you’re looking at the same kind of technology you’d see on a flight controller for an F-35, and we kind of know a little bit about that too. We do work for the military. Everything here smacks of cellphone technology and defense technology,” Munro said.  

    The Detroit veteran further stated that Tesla could very well be the leader in battery tech today. According to Munro, prior to tearing down the Model 3, he believed that LG’s battery modules used in the Chevy Bolt EV are the best in the industry. Tesla’s batteries, however, are on a completely new level. Munro was particularly impressed with the differential between each one of the Model 3’s battery blocks.

    “We went through there, and the difference was .2 milliamps. Holy, nobody can balance batteries that close. Nobody. Nobody’s ever done that,” Munro said.

    Apart from the Model 3’s battery and its electronics, Munro also noted that the suspension for the Model 3 was excellent. The teardown specialist went so far as to state that the person who designed the car’s suspension could easily be an “F1 prince.”

    [​IMG]A close-up of the Automatic Drive Module of the Tesla Model 3. [Credit: Autoline Network/YouTube]

    Overall, however, Munro maintained that the Model 3 is weighed down by its substandard fit and finish. The Detroit veteran said that if Tesla had been more deliberate on the Model 3’s more basic, mechanical aspects such as its panels and its doors, the vehicle could easily bring competitors to their knees. Munro even noted that if an experienced contract manufacturer had worked on the Model 3’s body, the Elon Musk-firm would have “hit every target” and “even Toyota would be crapping their pants.”

    “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, that’s where they are. And that’s the good thing for the auto industry because if it would have just been a normal car from the mechanical side, from, like I say, the dinosaur technologies; if it came out decent with all the other stuff, they’d mop the floor with everybody,” he said.

    Overall, Munro ultimately concluded that the Model 3 is a car that the industry should not dismiss, and that anyone in the automotive business who chooses to ignore Tesla’s progress is doing so at their own peril.

    “Anybody that doesn’t look at the electronics on the Tesla (Model) 3 is out of his mind. They’re in peril. This is not some Mickey Mouse outfit that you can just dismiss. Anybody that’s in the car industry that ignores this car is doing it at their own peril,” Munro said.  

    Sandy Munro is the CEO of Munro & Associates, a company specializing in vehicle teardowns and analysis. Previously featured in two of Autoline’s YouTube segments about the Model 3, Munro took a very critical stance on the electric car’s build quality, calling the Model 3 a “miserable job” and admitting that he “hated” some of the vehicle’s design elements. In a later video about the Model 3’s ride and drive, however, Munro admitted that while the vehicle’s fit and finish were horrible, its handling and performance were great.

    Watch Autoline After Hours’ episode featuring Sandy Munro and the general results of his company’s Model 3 teardown in the video below.

    Article: Tesla Model 3 modules are comparable to F-35 flight controller, says expert
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    It's good to see some grudging recognition that Tesla is exceptional. The model 3's I've seen, including my daily driver now, do not show the kinds of "fit and finish" issues that have been harped on by so many. Before getting a Tesla, I hadn't owned an American car since having a string of Chryslers: Eagle Vision Tsi, Grand Caravan, and Sebring Jxi. The Model 3 is actually better finished than any of them. Certainly it is leagues ahead of them in technology, and there's no ICE! In terms of structural integrity, it's a world apart from the Sebring, in which it was difficult to see cars in the rear view mirror when traveling a bumpy road. I would also compare the model 3 fit and finish favorably to any of my more recent vehicles: Honda C-RV, Lexus RX400h (far worse, actually), BMW 330ci, BMW 328i. The Tesla Model Y will blow open the market for crossover SUVs.
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    Man these guys are dinosaurs, that board looks like something that could have come out of any decent computer motherboard manufacturer, perhaps maybe a bit more hardened and with different connectors but not \"magic\". Also, the 18650 cells in the MS are 3100mAh or milliamp-HOURS, which is referring to their capacity, not milliamps which is an amount of current, these being 6100mAh is believable given the surface area bump. As for the battery pack balance, that would be measured in Volts not Amps, completely different units. If he instead meant 0.2mV then that would be ludicrous, no battery is going to be that well balanced, at least not for long, if he instead meant 2mV (note the decimal place) then that isn\'t really that special, I have a battery bank that is within 10mV after a year of heavy use with no BMS whatsoever. Perhaps I overestimate the skill and quality of the other EV makers on the market, but all these features seem like the minimum required to make a decent EV.
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    So, build quality and fit and finish are still meh. Why can they not ace that? It\'s that lack of attention to detail I find so frustrating.
    I was certainly a bit bummed with the mediocre fit and finish of my S100D, particularly given the price.
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    Balancing the batteries is easy. I fact it’s probably one of the easiest parts of the build. Building so many cells, Tesla know what the tolerance bands are for what they make, it’s just statistics.  They would ID each individual cell and log what it’s capabilities are. Having this in a database they would be able to assign each cell to a pack waiting to be filled with similar batteries. Once the pack is full, send it to be installed and bring in a new empty pack for filling. 
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     I think he’s spot on. I Currently Drive Prius and when I open and close doors feels million times better then 2 model 3 I have try. I hope Tesla improve bodywork by the time my number comes up I am waiting for AWD and white sits
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    It\'s amazing that someone who has been in the industry for decades truly takes time to appreciate Tesla\'s engineering for what it\'s truly worth.
    This guy has been precisely following the auto industry for decades and when he tells us that something truly impresses him, it definitely means that it\'s a game changer.
    Now when Tesla will have Full-Autopilot enabled hopefully in end-August as Elon said, that will be it.
    About 100 to 150 thousand cars will be able to drive themselves around with not a single assistance required.

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