Tesla Model 3 critic has change of heart after test drive

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    After strongly criticizing the Tesla Model 3 for its build quality and alleged safety issues, Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates said that he and his team were actually impressed with the performance and driving capabilities of the mass market compact electric car.

    Munro’s further observations on the Model 3 were featured in a new Autoline Network YouTube video, where the Detroit veteran took the electric car for a brief drive with host John McElroy. Quite unlike their first video, when the two automotive veterans almost had nothing positive to say about the electric car, Sandy Munro took an entirely different stance when talking about the actual capabilities of the vehicle.

    While driving the vehicle around, Munro and McElroy immediately gave positive comments on the car’s simplistic, clean look. One thing that the Detroit veteran was particularly impressed with, however, was the Model 3’s HVAC system, which he called “brilliant.”

    Munro did note, however, that the HVAC system’s onscreen controls take a few taps to access. He was also not a fan of the car’s 15-inch center console, which he believes can be detrimental to drivers. Overall, however, Munro stated that his team was impressed with how the car performed during driving tests on the Transportation Research Center, especially with regards to responsiveness and control.

    “Actually, we kind of liked the car. It’s a very good drive. This is very responsive. You feel in control when you’re driving this car, and we like that a lot,” the Detroit veteran said.

    Munro further asserted that his team was made up of seasoned auto professionals. Despite their experience in the auto industry, however, the Detroit veteran noted that his team was happy with the performance of the Model 3, particularly its acceleration and handling.  

    The Munro & Associates CEO also discussed his team’s other observations about the electric car, such as its under chassis and how it was evident that the Model 3’s design has allowances for a dual motor, all-wheel drive. Munro also discussed a noise his team reported from the car’s electric motor during high-speed driving. The auto veteran also mentioned that his team had developed a liking for the Model 3’s Sport Mode, which brings out the car’s true potential.

    When the Autoline Network host asked Munro what he thought of the electric car’s overall driving capability, the Detroit veteran admitted that he actually liked the way the electric car carried itself on the road.

    Munro asserted, however, that his team is still in the process of analyzing and testing the Model 3 and thus, the vehicle’s full scores and ratings are still up for question. For now, however, Munro noted that while the Model 3 failed in fit and finish, he is quite confident that the Model 3 scored well on an important metric - ride and drive.

    As we noted in a previous article, Munro gave the Model 3 a brutal critique of the car’s fit and finish and its safety features, even noting at one point that he could not imagine how Tesla could release such a vehicle to the market. The Munro & Associates CEO even remarked at one point that the Model 3, as a whole, was a miserable job that was created by “electronic snobs.” 

    Article: Tesla Model 3 critic has change of heart after test drive
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    The FFQ-graph of the LH front headlight shown in the beginning is exactly the same as for Toyota Mirai from August 2016, only changes are brand, model dates and page. Gap and flush are exactly the same ..
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    Hmm, maybe I\'m a bit too suspicious but it sounds like he prepares to take Tesla down by making sure we trust him and think he\'s fair. The next video will be brutal.
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    Maybe the ICE loving champions saw and HEARD how stupid they actually sounded in their first video and thought about their remarks before round 2.  I can NOT argue with them about fit and finish, but their other remarks were absolutely and purposefully made to poke at Tesla.  McElroy has been a Tesla hater from day one and his comments and snide remarks have shown that.   For whatever reason, maybe it\'s the Bob Dutz influence, who knows but whatever the reason his attitude and sidedness just pours through his coverage of Tesla.  \\i/   
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