Tesla Model 3: 7th production car spotted, rear seat photos

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    Two Tesla Model 3s have been spotted and Tesla fans are roaring about two things: a spacious back seat and the 7th production vehicle off the line.

    Photos surfaced early Thursday morning on Reddit of a midnight silver Model 3 and one in blue, the same color as the one we first spotted in April. A photo of the vehicle’s temporary registration ID affixed to the lower right corner of the windshield reveals the VIN. Using the Model 3 VIN decoder, we see that 5YJ3E1EABHF000007 is Tesla’s 7th production car built in its Fremont factory.

    [​IMG]Source: Rajkhaitan via Reddit[​IMG]Source: RajKhaitan via Reddit[​IMG]

    The post also gave us yet another great look at Model 3’s interior, including the touchscreen display, center console, and an adequate back seat. Looking at the photos of the front seat, it’s worth noting that they appear to be pushed-back, leading us to believe that the actual legroom of Model 3’s rear seat is substantial.

    “Wow thats a lot of leg room in the back!” wrote Revo_7 on Reddit.

    As the affordable, high-volume Tesla, the leg room signals Musk’s promise to deliver an affordable, practical vehicle for families, but more importantly accommodation for the Tesla Network.

    [​IMG]Source: Rajkhaitan via Reddit[​IMG][​IMG]Source: Rajkhaitan via Reddit

    As release candidates and production vehicles are produced, Musk and the manufacturing teams could be taking their time to ensure everything is perfect before production jumps to higher volumes.

    Either way, it does show that multiple vehicles have been produced. Musk and Tesla’s processes will be put to the test as production exponentially increases leading up to the July 28 delivery event.

    Photos of the production line were featured on instagram earlier this month, depicting a tarp strewn across the “alien dreadnaught” autonomous robots tasked with constructing the Model 3.

    The midnight silver vehicle is likely to be a release candidate. The sleek, modern look for the space-age vehicle also features matte-gray wheel covers that some have said could possibly be removed for maintenance.

    So far, Tesla fans have spotted the Model 3 in red, white, silver, blue, black and midnight silver.

    [​IMG]White Tesla Model 3 VIN 000316 production car spotted in Bakersfield, CA [Source: WattLOL8 via Imgur][​IMG](Source: Teslarati)[​IMG]Source: via Twitter @BrianArmer[​IMG]Red Tesla Model 3 at the Fremont Factory test track [Credit: Tesla Owners Club BE][​IMG]

    Rumors earlier this week were also sparked after a fan found a vehicle that could have been Elon Musk’s SN1 personal Model 3.

    Jeff Meinke found the vehicle at a Tesla headquarters charging station. The car was charging before 7:30 a.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday morning, and Meinke even had the opportunity to tinker with the door handle as he checked out the vehicle.

    The Model 3 delivery event, which will feature an official key handover to the first 30 owners as well as a presentation from Musk about Tesla’s sustainable goals, is only eight days away. Excitement among Tesla fans continues to bubble as more vehicles in unique colors surface.

    Article: Tesla Model 3: 7th production car spotted, rear seat photos
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    WOW! those crazy turbine rims actually fit greatly on the "midnight silver" !! Ahhh... decisions... decisions...
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