Tesla certified repair shop goes inside the Model X Falcon Wing door

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    When the couple behind YouTube channel Like Tesla discovered a small ding in the right hand rear door of their silver Model X, they got an education about how the Falcon Wing doors work from Tesla certified body repair shop European Collision Repair (ECR) in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

    The video shows Andrew Suggs VP at ECR giving a rare inside look at a Model X's dual-hinged door that has gone through a partial teardown. Tesla certified auto body repair shops must undergo a three week long self paid training session (approx. $2,000 per technician) at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. An entire week is dedicated towards learning about the intricacies with working on the Falcon Wing doors, says Suggs.

    Before beginning the dent repair, Suggs reveals where sensors are located on another Model X that was also in for repair. There are ultrasonic sensors along the bottom edge of each door but the real secret is found in the middle of the door. There are “three little pods” - sonar sensors that control how much the door hinges in the middle as it opens. They tell the central computer how far the door can extend away from the body of the car without encountering an obstacle.

    Unlike traditional swing-open type gull wing doors typically found on sports car exotics, Tesla began considering the use a dual-hinged design that allows the Falcon Wing door to articulate upward before moving outward. That ability is made possible by an array of electronic sensors that's capable of detecting nearby obstacles.

    Here's a rare inside look at the mechanics behind the Model X Falcon Wing doors.

    Article: Tesla certified repair shop goes inside the Model X Falcon Wing door

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