Tesla Battery Range Degradation

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    One of the most common topics of discussion for Tesla owners is whether or not there's a perfect recipe for maximizing the life of the Model S battery.
    We've never met a single Model S owner that didn't have their own charging ritual for preventing battery degradation, but does it really work? A recent posting on the Tesla Motors forum may have just the answer that will put this topic to rest.

    An email excerpt, allegedly from a Tesla Motors representative, indicates that battery pack balancing, whereby the battery undergoes a sequence of full range charges and later discharged to a lower limit, does not provide an effective increase to the estimated range of the vehicle.  In fact, it appears that frequent full charges may actually decrease the amount of energy the battery can store and accelerate battery degradation.

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    Tesla uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate the ‘upper limit' of the battery as described in the statement below:

    Source: Tesla Motors Forum

    Article: Tesla Battery Range Degradation
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    I have experienced a step change on my last full charge. It could be that the algorithm re-measured the maximum my battery can go. It was 245 - now it is 230. A 90% charge used to achieve 220 miles for me. Now it is only 207 miles.

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