Tesla Autopilot v8.0 restrictions: three strikes and you're out

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    Tesla is making it increasingly more difficult for drivers to ignore Autopilot ‘nags’ and warnings in its latest Version 8.0 update. The new over-the-air software update brings a host of new safety features which includes the ability to see up to three cars ahead and another designed to prevent hot car deaths, but with that also comes a set of new Autopilot restrictions.

    Through a series of more prominent visual alerts on the instrument cluster, combined with audible beeps, Tesla’s latest nags want drivers to remain alert at all times, and acknowledge it, while driving. Those that ignore the warnings are punished with a three strikes and you’re out rule. If a driver ignores three sets of beeps by not placing their hands back onto the steering wheel, Autopilot will disengage and remain off until the vehicle is put back into park mode. Placing the vehicle back into drive will reset the Autopilot ban and make it available for use once again.

    The new set of restrictions arrive following recent reports of accidents involving the Model S and Model X, allegedly while driving with Autopilot engaged. In nearly all cases, the Silicon Valley automaker proved via a review of the vehicle’s logs that the accident was a result of driver negligence.

    The following video posted to YouTube demonstrates what happens in Version 8.0 if one is to ignore the Autopilot nags.

    Article: Tesla Autopilot v8.0 restrictions: three strikes and you're out
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    I don't know when the feature was put in, but I was locked out of autosteer immediately after manually accelerating to over autosteer's maximum speed while autosteer was engaged.

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