Small Canadian town convinces Tesla to install Supercharger station

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    Town officials in Fort Macleod have convinced Tesla to install one of their fast charging Supercharger stations in its small town located in southern Alberta, Canada. With a population count just north of 3,000 people - based on a 2011 Census poll - the sleepy town, perhaps best known as the site where Academy Award-winning film Brokeback Mountain was filmed, looks to attract Tesla drivers making their way south from Calgary, off of Highway 2.

    Sue Keenan, Fort Macleod’s chief administrative officer, tells CBC News that the economic development impact of of having a Tesla Supercharger station in its town has been phenomenal. “Tesla thought it was a great idea so we had some ongoing conversations with them that started in about March of 2016. They came out and checked out the town and found an ideal site and decided to pursue it as an opportunity.”

    The new Supercharger site with 8 charging stalls, located at 2323 7th Ave. and installed on land leased from a local restaurant chain, is a short walk from other businesses within the vicinity. It’s part of the company’s strategy to place its globally expanding network of charging stations at locations where Tesla drivers could find entertainment in the form of food, lodging and attractions. “As Tesla sees it, a critical component of the adoption of electric vehicles is to create a seamless and convenient charging experience wherever owners choose to travel.” says a Tesla spokesperson.

    Tesla recently rolled out an over-the-air software update that displays ‘Supercharger amenities’ directly onto the vehicle’s main center touchscreen which is aimed at helping drivers plan for their Tesla road trips. The idea is similar in thought to Teslarati’s global network of crowdsourced recommendations by Tesla drivers, submitted via our iOS and Android app.

    Article: Small Canadian town convinces Tesla to install Supercharger station

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