Only 7% of Tesla Model 3 reservation holders want the $35k base model, suggests new poll data

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    Updated data coming from a poll of nearly 6,300 Tesla Model 3 reservation holders suggests that 93% of buyers will opt for an upgraded version of the $35,000 car. 39.75% of reservation holders said they will be paying for an upgraded battery pack, and over 65% of would-be Model 3 buyers polled want some form of Autopilot. 43.07% of those respondents said they’ll upgrade to Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot driving-assist feature as opposed to fully autonomous self-driving capabilities.

    The data being provided by, regarded as the authority for Model 3 early reservation data, provides insight to how Tesla’s Model 3 production ramp might look in the coming months. Paul Carter, founder of Model3Tracker, shared with us additional configuration stats by reservation holders, as follows:

    [​IMG] Source: via Teslarati Forum

    Though Model 3 reservation sample data suggests that a majority of buyers will upgrade, most of the money will be spent on increasing driving range as opposed to performance. There’s been much discussion on the battery size for Model 3 with many community members speculating that Model 3 battery capacity will fall within the range of 50kWh to 75kWh.

    Founder of Model3Tracker Paul Carter notes that it’s unlikely Tesla will start off Model 3 production with an “unlockable” battery pack, wherein the vehicle would be outfitted with a larger-sized battery pack that would allow buyers to upgrade to more range via an in-car purchase. “I would guess the margins for a volume car won’t allow for that, especially during the ramp.” says Carter.

    Other interesting Model 3 reservation stats being shared by Carter reveals that only 8% want a fully optioned Ludicrous upgrade. Nearly 11% of those polled want the dual motor configuration, range and performance, but without Ludicrous.

    We’ve provided a breakout of presumed Model 3 options that reservation holders are selecting.

    Tesla is expected to open the Model 3 Design Studio online configurator in June. Based on company estimates for Model 3 production ramp, Tesla could produce up to 110,000 Model 3 vehicles by the end of this year.


    Article: Only 7% of Tesla Model 3 reservation holders want the $35k base model, suggests new poll data
  2. Taylor S Marks

    Feb 1, 2017
    They've only collected data from 6200 deposit holders, and they're not random deposit holders. This sample could lean one way or the other in preferences vs the preferences of all deposit holders.

    As for margins on the battery pack, we know Tesla is around $100/kWh. So a software limited pack might have $1000-$2000 worth of battery locked. They're saying they'll have an over 20% profit margin on the Model 3 once they're making 5000 per week, and they mentioned they expect an ASP of $42000, which would give them an average profit of $8400. I think they can afford spending an extra $1000-$2000 on the chance that the buyer might spend $3000+ to unlock it in the future.
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    Feb 13, 2017
    So about 3/4 of us want a big battery and 4Wheel drive. This should come as a Zero surprise to anyone who has ever been in a car. I hope Tesla puts this as a "special option" bundle with a reduced price based on the higher volume. I would also like to see a "Canadian package" with a big battery, 4Wheel drive, and cold weather insulation.
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    By far the most important upgrade to my family is AWD as Colorado is rough on rear wheel drive--darn near worthless in the high country.

    Second is more battery capacity, third is supercharging, and hopefully navigation is standard equipment (it should be on EVERY car made). I couldn't care less about auto pilot, sunroofs, leather seats, etc.

    Autopilot is dangerous forevermore--too many nuts out there.
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    The sample is useless as it is only the most enthusiastic reservation holders who would be willing to respond to the survey, so it is heavily weighed in favour of upgrades.

    If there are 3 battery options the middle option could be a battery size software lock of the largest battery. If it is 2 battery size then there is no way they can afford the software lock on the battery. The cost you quote is for the cells. I imagine you double this cost for actual pack cost. As there will be at least 20% of people who buy who could never afford the upgrade it would be a waste.
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    Apr 6, 2017
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    so the data referenced on is based on only about 6200 records out of 400K. Those who found their way there are obviously more of a car enthusiast so data is not only miniscule but also biased or skewed.
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    Apr 7, 2017
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    Given that most of the individuals who are interested in the Model 3, currently drive vehicles that were purchase at or around the base price of the Model 3, would be extremely happy. Personally, since Elon Musk has stated that given the Model 3 size, the battery will go no higher then 75kWh, While that does not mean they cant push 300+ miles like the 100D or P100D's 100 kWh. 215 miles will be the base while the maxed out Model 3 could theoretically be close to 250 - 276 (if your looking at it from the Model S 75 kWh. which is 259).

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