New Tesla Model S Owner 1st Week with the car

Discussion in 'Model S' started by nwfan, Jul 23, 2017.

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    Jul 14, 2017

    I've had my Tesla Model S 75D for just about a week.
    Here are a few observations/experiences.
    No goody bag on purchase from Tesla (practice stopped).
    Left car in valet mode and wondered why I couldn't make a call through contacts list,
    enter navigation destinations and speed over 70 mph.
    Forgot to move out of Valet mode after dropping car off.
    I had a group of friends over for a test drive and I couldn't release charger connector from the car
    (need to unlock 1st).

    Quality control needs improvement. Wonder if the inspectors have a check list to mark off once the
    car is turned over to them? Check lights, check radio, check a/c, etc.
    I have a list of problems needing correction: interior lighting on drivers side doesn't work, lower front passenger side amber and white LED not coming on, side panels off alignment (driver side by 1/4 inch to passenger side door), paint bubbles on front bumper.

    Positive side. Technology advancements are amazing. Supercharger networks growing and one of the reasons I gave up my volt. Adaptive cruise control. Summon mode (everyone is surprise to see me outside the car summon it). Regen and power. Parking assist. Driver interface. Autopilot once I got over the shock
    of car driving itself. The car is fun to drive. Now I get all the youtube video's of people looking for reasons to drive.

    I've had window tinting applied on the car. My installer mentioned between the Model X and S they are two of the hardest to install. He said the Model X windshield is tricky as is the Model S glass roof. Living in Texas tinting is a must. Had front and rear dash cams installed.

    Next week have my 1st experience with Tesla Ranger Service.

    I've been driving 2 chevy volts the last 6 years so use to electric drive experience.
    IMHO the chevy volt is well engineered car, but suffers from GM neglect. No charger network,
    no updates. I wonder if GM is interested in electric?

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