More sense to discontinue S with 75kWh and finish 3 with 85kWh?

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by Mergoscia, Mar 25, 2017.

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    In regard to discontinue models, I think it makes more sense to discontinue model S with the 60 and as well with the 75kWh batterypack and finish model 3 with 85kWh.
    Not only because of a commercial point of view, but segment wise or classification of the models as well.
    Model S starting with 85kWh can fall more profoundly into the higher middleclass (E), whilest the model 3 will fall more into the middleclass (D) in stead of the compact middleclass (C).
    In the situation of today the confusion or the question arises in which segment the two models fall.
    Does model S belong to the middleclass or to the higher middleclass? And does the model 3 belong to the compact middleclass or to the middleclass? We all don't know.
    I think, at least in Europe, more rich people will buy a model S when it is definitly clear model S falls into the higher middleclass and more middleclass people will buy a model 3 with a 85kWh batterypack for the same reason. At the same time middleclass people do not mind that much that the smaller model 3's will end up in the higher regions of the compact middleclass.
    All in all Tesla will sell more cars when there is more clarity about the classification, I think.

    What is your opinion on this matter?
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    Due to wheel base size limitation it is a physical impossibility for the current M3 configuration to have over a 75kWh size battery. That can always change in the future with improvements to battery chemistry.

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