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    *Update – Now Accepting Pre-orders*

    Jerry let me know enough interest was shown to proceed with production of the 6/7 Seat Model X Cargo Net. The cost will be $39.00 plus shipping, and you will not be charged until shipped. He expects to begin shipping the first week of June. *Note there is still analysis going on regarding the net for the 5-seat X. If you have any questions, please contact Jerry (his information is listed on his website).
    Now Accepting Pre-orders for the X Cargo Net:


    We have been looking for a cargo net for our 6 seat X since we bought it last June and just received one from my friend Jerry to evaluate... Really like it especially with it being an envelope type of net. *Cargo net is sealed on three sides.

    Think it will work great in a 6 or 7 seat config but not certain for a 5 seat since it appears the anchors that are on the rear seats are not there in the 5 seat.

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