Model 3, how will owners react to quality and reliability issues?

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by Mergoscia, Mar 22, 2017.

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    Tesla's quality issues will be harder to overlook for model 3 owners, says J.D. Power.

    What do you think about it as future owner?

    I know I see myself as an "almost" early adapter. And "almost" has all to do with the money I have or rather the money I do not have. I am not someone who can spent large amounts of money purely for the development of new products. But I do want to support "green"-products for all the obvious reasons.
    Therefore I buy green products when they have (or you may assume they have) a certain level of quality without big or many quality and reliability issues. That you can rely on the fact you do not have to return to the seller or to the brand to get a lot of things fixed or that big issues will occur.
    From early 2016 I see Tesla now as a full grown company which is beyond the growth of "childern deseases". Tesla in my view is expected to deliver a product with the highest quality in all the (5) categories. Even among carmakers who are 60 to a 100 years old.
    Is this a compliment for Tesla? Yes it is, but it will not last when my future car breaks down every other second.
    Returning to the question.......What do you think as an future owner?
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    I agree Mergoscia! I think Tesla has offically cross the point where a misstep could kill the company. The Model 3 will be on time, with a more reliable platform than the Model S/X and less crazy features than the S or X (Handles, doors, etc)

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