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Discussion in 'TSLA Investor's Corner' started by Teslaliving, May 20, 2016.

  1. I'm not a speculative trader and generally believe in the tried-and-true methods of dollar cost averaging, diversification and the like.

    But with Telsa ($TSLA) and SolarCity ($SCTY) I opened a small trading account (eTrade) and have been buying when I feel the price is good. Its all emotion and gut and not the way you should generally invest

    Both stocks swing quite a bit and as usual with timing my timing has been hit or miss.

    For my 2 years with Tesla I'm only up 2%.

    SolarCity up 11%, but I just started with them recently when they took a beating and dropped below $19.

    Since I'm new to individual stock investing and focussed on Tesla and SolarCity i'd love to hear how other people are speculating on these stocks and the strategies and results.
  2. Pretty surprised how TSLA shrugged off the additional offering this week. I was expecting a series of GOTCHA! articles and I wasn't disappointed, but the stock itself weathered it well.

    Still a L O N G slog until Model3 revenue is realized though. I fully expect to see it under $200 sooner or later before the final reveal.
  3. $SCTY really bounced after they got slammed. I still think with all those 20 year commitments that it would be very easy for them to optimize costs and get things back on track. Maybe they won't grow as quickly etc but its a cash cow.
  4. I read opinion on Teslarati that buying some stock might be a better bet than buying an extended service agreement. So when my second 50,000 miles began, that's what I did. The timing turned out well so far, but it's coincidental. Kinda wish I'd put more into it...
  5. That's the way of things. I bot in batches (dollar cost averaging ). The ones where I misjudged I just waited until a pop and got out and then back in on the next dip. Timing is impossible, I'm mostly long except when a particular lot looks silly in retrospect :p

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