Jalopnik compares Model X quality to old Jaguar

Discussion in 'Model X' started by gene, May 19, 2016.

  1. Sad to read this but I'd have to agree with every single point they mentioned. The second row seating in the Model X is a bear to work with. You're given a one-touch toggle button that supposedly allows ease of ingress and egress into the third row, but that's far from the case. The second row seats often have a mind of its own and will compress a child seat straight into the back of the first row seats.

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  2. The one touch button is nice next to what other cars offer for the way you have to move the seats but its too slow. And then there's the seats and how they move...

    The seats and the windshield killed my interest in the X. I could have lived with the quirky doors.
  3. The speed of the movement I'm ok with, but it's the unpredictability that they have to fix. They have this complicated logic where the first row and second row move according to what it thinks you're trying to do.

    For instance, if you fold the third row seat down the second row will shift forward to prevent contact (and scratching) of the second row seat back. If you move the second row using the one-touch button, the first row will move forward however the first row never returns back to its original setting. This of course is annoying because you constantly have to readjust the seats to make them aligned in a position that you intend them to be. Imagine doing this every time while your passengers wait impatiently, many of times (for me) is a wife wondering what is going on (again), a crying infant and impatient toddler. No bueno.
  4. Those mono-posts and doors look great, but the 2nd/3rd row seats of the X are just a disaster of half-considered ideas.

    Staying on topic though, I do wonder how the sides of those seats will look after a year or so of rubbing against each other (7 seat configs) all the time. I observed no trim or part attached to the inboard edges to preserve the leather rubbing itself bare.
  5. That's a great point and never thought about that. We have the Ultra-white synthetic seats and though they claim it to be the most durable and easiest to clean, that's simply not the case having compared it to the leather seats in the S.

    Maybe we'll never know how well the seats will fair under repeated abrasion against one another because that would require people to actually move the 2nd row seats which is too daunting of a task to begin with.
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