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  1. [​IMG]Cars Washed for National Drive Electric Week 2014 - Huntington Beach by Dennis Pascual, on Flickr

    Hi all,

    Figured to start the "Introduce Yourself" thread here on Teslarati's new forums. I am an occasional contributor to the Teslarati site and blog about my adventures in EV ownership on my blog, "My Active E has made me Accidentally Environmental. And Tesla made me a rEVolutionary."

    I'm a current Tesla Model S (primary driver) and Tesla Roadster owner (occasional driver (my wife's car)). former BMW Active E Electronaut, I can be found on many online forums as either Dennis or AEDennis depending on whether someone else has already snatched up Dennis as a handle or on twitter as dennis_p.

    I also help run the Tesla Owners Club of Orange County (California) (AKA OC Tesla Club.)
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  2. Hi everyone!

    I guess by way of introduction i'll start with a confession. Like most I drove gas-guzzling Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars until I got my Model S. In my early years they were crap cars with high mileage and poor gas mileage. Later I owned a few sporty cars like an aging Porsche 928 (1981) and a Mitsubishi Eclipse. I loved the speed and handling of the Porsche but just every time I drove it it broke down and cost me $1,000 or more in timing belts, water pumps, etc. The Mitsubishi was more fun with all-wheel drive, turbo and that I could drive it year round, but it unfortunately got squished in an encounter with a tractor trailer and we walked away from it but appreciated car safety a bit more after that. After that experience I moved into larger SUVs like Subaru, Lexus, Acura and did the family thing for a good while.

    In late 2013 my Acura MDX was approaching 200,000 miles and my daughter was getting her license and needed a car. As I started looking around. A "sales guy" at work (I'm an Engineer ) suggested I get a Tesla. I never heard of them before and started doing the research. Turns out there was a store in the mall across the street from work. The price was crazy, almost 2x any car i'd ever owned, but I started doing numbers and because of the increasing maintenance costs of an ICE car, even an expensive EV could possibly make sense. I jumped on board and took delivery in April 2014:

    [Image uploads broken for me]

    That was a couple years and over 62,000 miles ago. Much of that was daily commuting and driving, but there were dozens of road trips involved including my most recent one to Florida.

    Other than being my daily driver in rain, snow or shine, I got passionate about the car, the company and its leader, Elon. I started an independent blog at, built up a decent Twitter fan base of almost 10,000 people and have been writing on various sites including a lot of writing for Teslarati. I have my Model S, I had a reservation on an X and then changed my mind, I have a reservation on the Model ☰ and I also have SolarCity panels on my house.

    [Another image would go here]

    My main focus in the Tesla community is around candid but respectful discussions, reviews, comments and thoughts around all the above.
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  3. How's it going forum?

    My name is Max Maurice and I'm from Ontario, Canada... Eh? I used to be a huge fan of Audi... Ohh the dark days. Because my mother is from Germany and we have many friends and family across Europe, I saw more and more Audis during my trips over the pond. Loved the R8, RS6 and the RS7 (great cars, don't get me wrong).

    One day during my business class in school, we watched Who Killed The Electric Car and Revenge Of The Electric Car. I knew of the Roadster before, but the thought of a car without a grumbling V8 and loud acceleration didn't interest me much. After watching both movies, I fell in love with Tesla Motors and completely discarded Audi and any other ICE companies away. I started following all the Tesla related pages on every social media I had. I read the news more often. I followed every step of Mr. Musk and the team... I truly became a Tesla Addict.

    Almost a year ago now, I started my Instagram page, @tesla_addict . It might be the best thing I ever did on my phone :) As of today, I have over 2000 followers and I have met many new people. The best contact I have made through social media so far is TESLARATI. They are great people doing great things! I can now proudly say I help them by running the Instagram page as well as the Facebook page. Life is good :)

    I do not personally own a Tesla... I turn 18 in June. I drove a Model S 85 around a parking lot once and been the passenger of a Model S P85D in Paris and Toronto (Insane mode is...well... insane!). I have persuaded and convinced my parents to install 28 solar panels on our roof and wait in line to reserve a Model 3. We are also currently debating on the Powerwall.

    I'm happy to be part of the Tesla community, it's the best!

    Have a great day,

    Max (Tesla Addict)
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    Just when I was getting used to being the boyish-looking young kid in every crowd, I turned into the old guy.

    Hard to believe I’m close to hitting 20 years at my day job (I’m the most senior video editor?!), my kids are talking about driving and dating and now… well, now I find myself enjoying a Classic car. I’ll grant you—it’s only about 2 years old—that “classic” definitions have changed, but a pre-Autopilot 85kwh Tesla from the original assembly line is now in the minority. But I like my big frunk, I cannot lie.

    Since taking delivery in May 2014, I’ve developed a blog (, a decent following on Twitter and Instagram (@TeslaPittsburgh and @nzcutr), started a local Facebook-based Pittsburgh Tesla club and contributed a number of articles/reviews to Teslarati. Change the addresses above and I’m not unlike a lot of the other Teslarati contributors! These cars do that to you… they get under your skin and invade your lives.

    When I’m not stalking all things Tesla on the internet, I’m generally covered in something messy and often sticky. I do a lot of home renovation projects on my own, repair my other aging cars (pending our Model 3—though we’ll keep the Subaru Baja because it’s even more rare than the Tesla) and lately find myself immersed in our bee hives, trying to understand these complex creatures.

    Deeper background: I’m an Army brat who grew up overseas, including my high school years spent learning technique in an old BMW 7-series from the disciplined locals on the autobahn. We came to Pittsburgh after college (fully embracing this glorious city) and despite vowing to never move again, I let my wife talk me into doing just that a few years ago. Selling our completely gutted and renovated house 4 minutes from work in exchange for a newer house that needs to be fully renovated and is 20 minutes from my work… but that helped justify the Tesla, so I guess I can’t complain.

    And here we all are, embarking together on another step in the electrification of personal transport by sharing with each other our experiences and trying to convince others that we are not crazy for believing the empires of internal combustion can, in fact, be torn down. It is a better way forward and I, in turn, look forward to flitting about on the forums here as we press onward to Model 3 and beyond.

    Yinz guys ready n’at??

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  5. Hi folks, from Belgium... Though I don't own a
    T≡SLA today, it's only a matter of time before my Model ≡ arrives (though I regretfully waited until 10/10 to do so, that is bound to be a somewhat long time... ;)).
    Anyways, Midnight S≡R≡NITY (obviously that is how I plan to name it... :)) will be my first EV, after more than 40 years driving ICE cars (mostly company cars and BMW's).
    Since reserving, I have become very active on M3OC (whom I trust a lot of you know) yet, since I am also an avid user, as well as occasional contributor of the Teslarati app, Gene convinced me to check this new initiative out... so here I am..
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  6. Welcome aboard Teslarati forum @Michael Russo
  7. Thank you, AE! :D
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    Hi All,
    I allready comment on posts and did some threads myself here at this forum.
    Hereby I will introduce myself. Almost my whole life I lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands Europe. Quite a progressive town.
    Therefore at Highschool and Uni lots of discussions about environmental issues. Even back in the early seventies.
    Because in Amsterdam one never needed a car I bought my first car in 2002. Back then I wanted a EV, but unfortunately none existed.
    Then I drove quite some miles through Europe from meeting to meeting and with that poluting the environment.
    Poluting the world and the ever needing of humankind are the two problems the worlfd faces today. Next to religion this was the motivation for me to become vegan. Cause next to cars and industry, cows and pigs are the largest producers of CO2 emissions.
    While for me the waiting game began three years ago, I purchased myself a hybrid , a Toyota Auris Lease version.
    Now I don't have to work anymore and my wife stops under three years we have found ourselves lucky enough to have saved us a nice amount. So we can buy us some nice things. A Tesla model 3 most probably will be among those. And start cruising through Europe as old hippies.
    That it is about it for me. Just one other thing..........I am not sure reincarnation exists ( I even doubt it) but when it does I have been a Native American in one of my previous lifes and therefore care about Mother Earth, My Mother as well.
    How will I call my first Tesla? Nikola, Sapobi (which mean reedfeather in Lakota) or ...................?
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