I am alive today well BC of a Model X

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    Hi TeslaRati.

    I created this account on here to just let everyone know the story of how I am alive and well because a Model X I rented for my wedding. I am now happily married to my wife on 5/6/17. I want to share with you, Tesla, and Mr. Elon Musk my experience with Tesla Motors. Through my testimony, I can truly say that Tesla’s cars are well-built, perfectly designed, and extremely safe.

    I have been interested in Tesla’s innovative and dynamic technology since its founding in 2003. Being an automation controls consultant for Tesla in the stamping, body, and paint lines, I have been able to see first-hand how well these vehicles are designed. I work directly with the engineers leading the Model S, X, and 3 lines and regularly visit headquarters in Fremont, CA. Little did I know that one of these vehicles would end up saving my life in a potentially deadly auto accident.

    Here’s my story:

    I have always known that the Tesla Model X was a great vehicle, but I was able to confirm this the night before my wedding on Friday, May 5. Nancy and I had just finished up our rehearsal dinner with our friends and family. Upon leaving the restaurant to walk to our cars, we heard police sirens nearby. Not thinking anything of this, I dropped off Nancy at her car and we prepared to go our separate ways until the big day.

    When I made my way out of the parking lot, I began to take a left turn on to the main street. Mid-turn, I noticed a silver car quickly approaching the driver’s side of the vehicle (I later learned that they were going over 65mph on a private road). I had no time to react, since the driver came from a blind spot on my left. At this point, it looked like the driver had no intention of slowing down, and I immediately thought that I was either going to get badly hurt or potentially die.

    I quickly braced and gripped the steering wheel as I was pounded by the silver car, sending me over 20 feet away from my starting point. With the impact, all of the airbags deployed, instantly leaving me in shock. The outgassing of the airbags caused the car to smoke, making it difficult to see. I reached for the door handle with my right hand, but was not able to open it. Seeing no other option, I kicked open the door and was able to escape the vehicle. As I walked outside, I immediately saw the police chasing after the culprits driving the silver car. I looked around, dazed, and ended up falling to the ground. I am unsure of what happened next, but all I can remember is hearing voices from the people nearby, and Nancy screaming my name. When I came to consciousness, I was being helped by the police, paramedics, and fire department. The silver car was a mess, but the Model X only suffered a broken axel and bent wheel.

    It turns out that the silver car was a stolen vehicle, driven by a young couple hiding from the police. They were in the midst of a police chase, already having been pursued for several miles, and I (along with the Model X) just happened to be the collateral damage. Eventually one officer reported that they had caught the female passenger, but the male driver was still on the loose. (Luckily, authorities have identified the male driver and are looking out for him).

    After taking care of all the onsite paperwork, I was driven to the ER. I was fortunate enough to have walked away with nothing more than a torn ligament in my right hand and a few bruises on my left thigh. At the end of the night, I made it home in time to rewrite my vows to Nancy, get some rest, and be at my wedding the following day on 5/6. I can happily say that the wedding went (mostly) as planned!

    I wanted to write this to you in hopes that this raises visibility to the management chain at Tesla. I can't thank Elon Musk, Tesla, and the team enough for what they do and want them to know that their car saved my life. While I also believe that I am still alive because of divine intervention, being in that car was definitely my shield and protector. I have made it a short term goal of mine to sell my cars and buy a Tesla as my next vehicle. That car saved my life. Thank you for your time and I hope this message gets passed through to everyone, especially Elon.


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    Thanks for sharing your story @QwiksilverA4. Glad to see you relatively unharmed.
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    I second that, @QwiksilverA4 , amazing story and good for you!

    And of course, allow me to add my most sincere best wishes to you & your wife Nancy for a long and happy journey together!! :)
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    @QwiksilverA4, thanks for sharing your miraculous story. Really happy to hear that you're safe and that your big day went (relatively) as planned the following day. Amazing.

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