How to use a Tesla Supercharger and what to expect

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    Today I had to drop off my mother-in-law at Providence airport and I used it as an excuse to make my first Tesla Supercharger visit at the East Greenwich, RI Supercharger. This is currently the northern-most Supercharger on the east coast in the US and located 10 minutes south of Providence Airport (PVD).

    I decided not to charge up the night before and left my Model S with 127 miles of range on it. With that amount of range I would have enough to get to the airport, drive to the Supercharger and still drive home if for some reason the Supercharger didn’t work.
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    I think your stats are off... Even in 2015, when I visited that supercharger, there were already chargers in MA and NH that were further North and East... And there are a few in Maine now. However, it is really convenient to have superchargers around the continent to use...

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