German company looks to rival Tesla with its own Gigafactory

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    Tesla may have a Gigafactory rival overseas.

    Terra E Holding GmbH CEO Holger Gritzka announced that the company would be opening a battery production facility that would rival the likes of Tesla’s, according to Bloomberg.

    The company is evaluating five sites in Germany to build its 34 gigawatt-hour battery factory after winning government support for the project, which will reach full capacity by 2028.

    Although in the early stages, the construction of this new facility signals that another company may be throwing its hat in the ring with Tesla. For CEO Elon Musk, the news may be invited as it brings Tesla closer to achieving its master plan part deux.

    It’s still too early to predict how it could affect Tesla, but if the plant were to come to fruition it could mean the company faces more competition in the Lithium-ion battery production space.

    It also falls in line with German businesses getting ready for an EV revolution. Volkswagen and BMW group have already made substantial commitments to producing EVs and electrified options in the near future.

    Terra E Holding GMbH could be positioning itself to be a supplier for these major auto companies as their production lines shift to producing electrified vehicles. Then again, Gritzka also said that Terra E will focus Lithium-ion battery production toward mobile and non-automotive power storage markets. 

    In addition to providing a sustainable power source for EVs, these Lithium-ion batteries — much like Tesla’s — could contribute  a major role in charging solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy.

    To beat companies like Tesla, Terra E Holding is aiming to fine-tune its process.

    “We have to be better in process technology than competitors, a constant step ahead,” said Gritzka.

    The CEO went on to discuss how implementing leading German robotics into the production process could accomplish this goal.

    As of right now, South Korea’s LG Ltd. and Samsung SDI Co. control the lithium battery market with Tesla slated to grab the number two spot once its 35 gigawatt-hour Gigafactory in Nevada is complete, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

    The news of another Gigafactory can be seen as encouraging for sustainable energy proponents around the world.

    Article: German company looks to rival Tesla with its own Gigafactory
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    I think this is an helpless effort from the German car industrie

    Collusion Between Germany's Biggest Carmakers (source

    The diesel scandal is not a failure on the part of individual companies, but rather the result of collusion among German automakers that lasted for years. Audi, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen and Porsche coordinated their activities in more than a thousand meetings.
    For the first time, there is proof that it was agreements among these five automakers that ultimately ensured that emissions from diesel vehicles were not cleaned as effectively as would have been technically possible. This all began with the cartel of the five automakers.

    The Only company registerd in Germany is TerraE Holding GmbH. was founded for as little as 75'000 Euros. Founded 19. July 2017.
    And has till today no MwSt. Tax Number in Germany.


    There is no other TerraE Holding GmbH registered in Germany.
    Please check your sources and don't belive any news article.

    In LinkedIn the company has 2 employees Holger Gritzka CEO at TerraE Holding GmbH
    and Ulrich Ehmes Business Consultant and Interims Management.

    I think Elon will not have sleepless nights about this competitor.

    "Edited and changed some details"
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    By 2028, assuming demand consistently grows, Tesla will be completing its planned 10th Gigafactory. The comparison is for clicks only.
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    Hardly "rival" with that capacity and timing.
    Well, every little bit helps, hopefully they update their plans in the next few years.

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