First detailed Tesla Model 3 review video makes its way to YouTube

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    Ahead of the flood of Model 3 review videos that will inevitably saturate YouTube as Tesla begins to deliver customer cars across the world, we have a first comprehensive look of a gorgeous black Model 3 - inside and out.

    The Model 3 review video comes to us by way of luxury car detailer and Tesla protective wrap specialist OCDetailing who got their hands on one of the first Long Range Model 3 vehicles. Located just 8 miles (~13 kilometers) from Tesla’s Fremont factory, OCDetailing is regarded as the leading expert in applying Opti-Coat Pro coatings, CQuartz Finest and paint protection films on Teslas, having worked on roughly 1,800 Model S and 700 Model X vehicles to date, according to shop owner Joe Torbati.

    Joe begins his in-depth Model 3 review video with a side-by-side size comparison of the vehicle against the larger Model S sedan and Model X SUV. The video then provides us with a good look at the removable Model 3 aero wheel covers and location for the vehicle’s Autopilot cameras, before moving onto a wide angle look at Model 3’s expansive glass roof, and beyond.

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    Check out Joe’s video, embedded in full at the end of this article, for a first detailed look of a Model 3. We’ve also created shortcuts to specific sections of the Model 3 being reviewed.

    Article: First detailed Tesla Model 3 review video makes its way to YouTube
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    Through your smartphone, you'll be able to preheat/cool the car, but it appears you'll be limited to the distance of Bluetooth transmission. If it's class 1, it means that distance can be up to 100 meters, but if it's class 2 it means about 30 feet and less with obstructions. Does anyone know what type of Bluetooth the Model 3 will have?
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    The Bluetooth range is only relevant for the key fob functionality - all the rest can go via celluar network and will work from everywhere

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