Estonian 'Smart Industrial City' makes a pitch for Tesla Gigafactory Europe

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    A new marketing campaign by a business park in Northern Estonia makes a pitch to Tesla on why it should become home to the next Gigafactory in Europe.

    The PAKRI Smart Industrial City pitch makes a case that the values of Estonia line up well with the core DNA of Tesla: fast moving, powered by technology, energized by renewables, all while being strategically located in the ‘heart of Northern Europe’. The site maps out what land is available and on what timing, building height restrictions, available renewable energy in the region, high level tax benefits and the qualifications of the local workforce, touting the “availability of skilled labour from the Nordic and Baltic region.”

    The team behind Tesla Country includes a significant amount of detail on the availability of natural gas and liquified natural gas - two energy sources that Tesla went to great lengths to avoid using in the Gigafactory, even going so far as to avoid running natural gas lines into Gigafactory 1. The video closes with a powerful slogan for the campaign that sums it up nicely “If Tesla were a country, it would probably be Estonia.”

    Estonia is not the first country to make a pitch to Tesla to bring a Gigafactory to the region. Sweden, France, and Spain have all pitched Tesla in what feels very similar to the competition that fired up in the United States before Tesla had locked in on Nevada as the future home for Gigafactory 1. Tesla fans in Lithuania constructed a virtual Gigafactory out of Minecraft in an effort to win over Tesla CEO Elon Musk who’s known to be an avid gamer.

    As the race for the location of the European Gigafactory heats up, Tesla has remained quiet on the matter though all signs point to  Tesla revealing the locations of Gigafactory 3, 4 and possibly even 5 by the end of the year.

    Article: Estonian 'Smart Industrial City' makes a pitch for Tesla Gigafactory Europe
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    A lot of countries want a TESLA factory.

    Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Dubai, Dutch Netherlands, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, and probably others have been bidding for the next TESLA gigafactory.

    It wouldn't surprise me to see three or more factories opened in the next few years.
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    One of Tesla's prime objectives is Solar Energy.
    Let's stick to Europe.

    How many sunhours are there in Estonia in a day? As wel in winter as in summertime?

    I know The Netherlands are a bit more south. So probably more light in a day, seen over a whole year. As well it has very good infrastructure in a lot of fields, the four big Cities are under 45 miles of eachother, good links to Germany, Belgium, France and all other countries to the East and North are very fast reachable. good sea- and airports, labour is a bit more expensive, but the knowlegde of workers are higher as well, so that compensates in more then a positive way. It is a knowlegde country, it has good and fast internet, lots of good and quality suppliers. Bussinessmentality is like the Americans and everything you want is in The Netherlands. Even a lot of Thinktanks, Discussionplatforms and cans full of intellectuals. Uni's and students by the 100.000's. Lots of Green people and organisations who are willing and ready to change. It is a full grown country in every way.

    And Elon, you can have your hobby here. ESA is settled in Noordwijk. You can put forward your Mars- brainstorms while you walk at the seaside.

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