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Discussion in 'Model S' started by Tesla Addict, May 23, 2016.

  1. I know I do not own a Tesla but I have been following the company long enough to at least have an opinion. Asides battery sizes, there have not been too many major changes with the options selection. I understand Tesla most likely removed some options because they weren't making a big enough profit, there was low interest or it was a hassle to manufacture.

    The two option I miss the most for the Model S is the dark green colour and the option for the rear seats.

    I think one of the best colours Tesla made was that dark, forrest, metallic looking green. I have only seen one Model S in person with that colour and I fell in love with it! I think Tesla should bring back a green colour... After all, they are a green company.

    The second thing I miss is the option for what seating arrangement you wanted/needed for the second row. If I recall correctly, Tesla offered an option where your Model S could have 4 seats. By the look of it, it was like the "next generation leather seats" but in the second row. It also included a folding down arm rest with cup holders... I think. My memory is a little hazy because they discontinued this option roughly over a year ago.
  2. The dark green color on the S is the color of money.... It was discontinued the same time that the brown one was discontinued...

    I'm partial to this dark green

    [​IMG]IMG_5001 by Dennis Pascual, on Flickr

    that is the Roadster Signature Green color.

    The rear seats in 4 seat configuration was called the Executive Rear Seating... I think it was a plan for the China market that didn't take off...

    Here's an article on it.
  3. My "dolphin" grey was also discontinued. I don't like the new grey nearly as much and would have to go with another color next time.

    That green was my second choice

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