Design Studio Shows Off Tesla Model X Back Seat Storage

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    [​IMG][Source: NigelM via TMC]

    An issue has been raised on the Tesla forum regarding the Model X second row seats. Do they fold for additional cargo storage or do they simply move forward against the front seats? Senior forum member NigelM went to the Model X Design Studio on September 15 and found two new graphics showing the second and third row seats configured for hauling cargo. They appear to show the third row seats folded flat but the second row pushed forward with the backs upright. It looks as if there are some boxes set flat on the floor between the second and third row seats.


    Despite the new photos from Tesla, the question on whether the second row can be removed, or capable of supporting children and car seats while in the upright forward position, still remain.

    The graphic leaves the question about room for kiddies ambiguous. There is no indication in the graphic that there is any leg room between the front and second row seats with the second row pushed forward.


    How do the second row seats slide? Do the two outer seats move forward independently to allow access to the third row seats? If so, how does the middle seat in the second row move forward and back? Interior pictures of the Model X suggest that the second row seats will slide along a guided track.


    NigelM believes that photos such as these will  disappear once the vehicle is completely configured within the Design Studio. One should make sure they fully understand the details for each available option before completing their order.

    Since the Model X is denominated as a SUV, it will naturally be compared with how other similar vehicles deal with cargo capacity. Who knows? Maybe there might even be a Tesla pickup truck coming in the future?

    Article: Design Studio Shows Off Tesla Model X Back Seat Storage

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