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Discussion in 'Model S' started by Ben Forrest, Jul 19, 2017.

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    Hey Teslarati!

    I frequently load larger items in the trunk and want a parcel shelf auto-lift to make things easier. Found a few online and quickly realized I could make one with what I had lying around in the garage. Wanted something something discrete that I can add/remove in a couple seconds, and it turned out better than expected - sharing in hopes it helps someone else with the same 'want':

    - 25" of 10-15lb test fishing line
    - Stapler
    - 3" velcro strip

    - A fat knot holds the string in the gap between the plastic pieces on the inside of the rear windshield
    - Leave 19-20" between knot and velcro
    - Tie loop in other end of string and staple into velcro
    - Velcro sticks nicely to the underside of the shelf, hiding the knot and velcro from sight

    I suspect you could use smaller line, but the knot might fall through the gap in the plastic panels... I use 15lb

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    It is pretty annoying that they designed the trunk cover like this. I'm sure a lot of us have left the cover up and started driving, then asked the passenger to climb back there to flip it over only to find it hits the glass.
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    That's a good solution. If anyone wants a ready-made solution, we've been selling the Auto-lift kit for a couple of years now, hand-made by a fellow Model S owner in Hawaii.

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