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  1. ModelYMaven
    Patiently waiting for my Model Y.
  2. RichardN
    Fully Charged
  3. amemphisboy
    amemphisboy Eric Ralph

    Given what NASA Admin. Jim Bridenstine said before a congressional hearing recently concerning NASA's interest in launching Orion's EM-1 mission on commercial launchers, could a modified Falcon "Super" Heavy w/Raptor engines launch Orion and it's service module (approx. 57,000lb total) on it's mission to the moon? Could Elon is looking at this very thing?
  4. Peter Kmuch
    Peter Kmuch
    Model 3 faster than Model S! 162 versus 155 mph
  5. Rob Parker
  6. ThosEM
    Am I mistaken or are the Teslarati forums seriously fouled up?
  7. Ev Electra
    Ev Electra
    The Electric Car Revolution is Here!
  8. TM3KC
    Enjoying my M3
  9. TM3KC
    Sentry Mode - Why not use sensors to warn someone within a specified range of the car? "Please stand back", "You are getting to close"
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  10. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo
    Midnight S≡R≡NITY rider since November 8, 2018
  11. Peter V LOCKE
    Peter V LOCKE
    add photos to this?
  12. Peter V LOCKE
    Peter V LOCKE
    Tesla SuperChargers (8) in Sweetwater, TX. Waiting for me to buy a Tesla. I like my IC SUV so I'm waiting for the Model Y. How do
  13. Groovidad
    December 2018 Delivery
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    1. Michael Russo
      Michael Russo
      The excitement must be building up!! Fabulous!!
      Oct 31, 2018
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  14. redbellanca
    Elon's Grandfather flew this plane, I hear he's been looking for it
  15. John Yendt
  16. Jennifer Klein
    Jennifer Klein
    Tesla cars best electric vehicles
  17. JennyJenny
    Thought is Reality
  18. JennyJenny
    "To infinity and Beyond!"
  19. JennyJenny
    Back from Pugatory
  20. Ankur Patel
    Ankur Patel Bobby R
    Hi- Yes my Rims are still available. I am looking for $3500. Let me know if you're interested