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  1. Groovidad
    December 2018 Delivery
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    1. Michael Russo
      Michael Russo
      The excitement must be building up!! Fabulous!!
      Oct 31, 2018
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  2. redbellanca
    Elon's Grandfather flew this plane, I hear he's been looking for it
  3. John Yendt
  4. Jennifer Klein
    Jennifer Klein
    Tesla cars best electric vehicles
  5. JennyJenny
    Thought is Reality
  6. JennyJenny
    "To infinity and Beyond!"
  7. JennyJenny
    Back from Pugatory
  8. Ankur Patel
    Ankur Patel Bobby R
    Hi- Yes my Rims are still available. I am looking for $3500. Let me know if you're interested
  9. Erv
    Anyone visited Seattle in their Tesla and had to spend an extordinary amount of time finding a Supercharger there?
  10. CJW
    Noisy air suspension, has anyone had the promised modification for this annoying fault?
  11. 192168llco
    Andrew K Hinkle
  12. halfpat
    Tesla owner, fan, evangelist and investor.
  13. kerinmurillo07
    Son los mejores. Y los únicos carros en tecnología de vanguardia y pensando siempre en la seguridad y la comodidad y del cliente
  14. Brian Lakamp
  15. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo Joe Wahl
    Good morning, and welcome! Pray tell us more about your interest in T≡SLA, EVs and/or Space... thanks!
  16. JonathanCt
    Any good educated guesses as to when the Tesla S refresh will happen?
  17. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo longislandpsychology
    Good day, are you planning to actively post? Do you own a T≡SLA or have a Model 3 reservation? Pray tell us more about yourself and your interest in EV!
  18. Rownolds
    We retired 3/2014. We sold our house & got a Model S & spent 9 months living homeless out of our car. Our blog
  19. t1apilotyahoo-com
  20. robinrhaney
    Frustrated but patient UK Model 3 reservation holder