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  1. LPLG
    Model S 2013 air conditioner not working, am I the first owner experiencing this??
    1. LPLG
      THis happened about 2 weeks ago and thought that I didn't press the AC On button. So triple checked and pressing On and Off and On and Off. nothing. Still blowing warm air never cold!
      Sep 9, 2017
  2. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo CHEVALLIER
    Bienvenue sur le forum, Chevallier et vive la France !!
  3. Paul House
    Paul House helenanyberg64
    Do you live in Helena, Montana? There is an electric car show there and they are looking for a Tesla to display. Paul
  4. Linedoggy
    Linedoggy Alex Lee
    What was the outcome of your broken upper control arm?
    Did Teslas cover it?
  5. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo ngtech
    No connection. Safe base forum software I think. Cheers, Mike
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  6. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo ngtech
    Good morning... something suddenly struck me... you're ng0 on M3OC, right? ;)
    1. ngtech
      LoL, yup! :-P hahaha. I like this blog, but I figured I'd join in on the forum fun over there since there's a few more people :)
      Aug 29, 2017
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    2. ngtech
      Are the two sites tied together somehow or are you guys just using the exact same forum layout?
      Aug 31, 2017
  7. gosolarprogram
    Solar panel installation in South Florida
  8. waiting4model3
    2017 Model X75D
  9. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo AZ Desert Driver
    Thanks, AZDD!! Well, to your question, it's a long story... if you're interested, I'll give you a summary in pm.
    Also when you wrote you read my posts, trust you meant on M3OC...? :-)
    Friendly greetings, Mike
    1. AZ Desert Driver
      AZ Desert Driver
      Yep- M3OC. There are a lot of Tesla forums I lurk around, and can't remember all the alphabet soup. There are a few names that keep rising to the top as sound thinkers - your one of them. Thanks for keeping the sites worth visiting!!
      Aug 25, 2017
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  10. Uma Umakanth
    Uma Umakanth
    Model S suspension: Is there a way to adjust the suspension like sports and standard mode? Similar to the steering mode.
  11. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo AZ Desert Driver
    Welcome AZ Desert driver, thought of you recently as I crossed your beautiful state from East to West then West to East during my recent RV roadtrip!! ;)
    1. AZ Desert Driver
      AZ Desert Driver
      Dear Michael...I've seen your posts on TMC and Model 3. Like what you have to say!!
      What is some foreigner doing traveling out West? [ I say having just come back from a Rhine river cruise]
      Aug 19, 2017
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  12. Rusty
    Model S Owner
  13. Jeff Sutherland
    Jeff Sutherland
    I have one of the original Roadsters, am on my third Model S (a P100D), and will get one of the early Model 3s.
  14. Berkan Bayram
    Berkan Bayram
    Take it easy...
  15. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo mbadavey
    Bonjour, j'imagine que vous êtes français(e?). Souhaitez vous spécifier d'où dans votre profil? Merci!
  16. ilovetesla
    Does anyone have a hypersleep pod
  17. Bodhigirl
    Getting ready to wash my car for the first time
  18. Lektra
    Lektra Dennis
    Hi Dennis, thanks again for the help regarding the 30-amp plug adapters. I would like to list a new destination charger on the Teslarati map and don't see how to do that. Do you have info? Best-Les
  19. Fred Clarkson
  20. Michael Russo