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  1. 192168llco
    Andrew K Hinkle
  2. halfpat
    Tesla owner, fan, evangelist and investor.
  3. iqueengbvn
  4. kerinmurillo07
    Son los mejores. Y los únicos carros en tecnología de vanguardia y pensando siempre en la seguridad y la comodidad y del cliente
  5. Brian Lakamp
  6. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo Joe Wahl
    Good morning, and welcome! Pray tell us more about your interest in T≡SLA, EVs and/or Space... thanks!
  7. JonathanCt
    Any good educated guesses as to when the Tesla S refresh will happen?
  8. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo longislandpsychology
    Good day, are you planning to actively post? Do you own a T≡SLA or have a Model 3 reservation? Pray tell us more about yourself and your interest in EV!
  9. Rownolds
    We retired 3/2014. We sold our house & got a Model S & spent 9 months living homeless out of our car. Our blog
  10. t1apilotyahoo-com
  11. robinrhaney
    Frustrated but patient UK Model 3 reservation holder
  12. rhayte
    Former expat
  13. vishal
    Go Green-USE Electric Cars
  14. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo ohreds77
    Please delete all referral code pushing on other members’ profiles. Thank you.
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  15. Ronald2007
    buying a Model 3 now
    1. ohreds77
      May 5, 2018
  16. Chris B.
  17. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo
    Red Dragon made me part of the family a little earlier than Midnight S≡R≡NITY!
  18. Murphyslawroadside
    Is it Monday already in Uzbekistan?
  19. Hapa_Toast
    "We want time travel!" "When do we want it?" "Irrelevant!"
  20. jeremyeharris
    Model 3 reservation holder... hanging out for RH drive