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  1. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo djeck
    Djeck, добро пожаловать! With a little help from Google Translator! ;)
  2. Michael Kaufman
    Michael Kaufman
    I've been reading Teslarati for some months but only today corrected the oversight and registered.
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  3. syco
  4. Kross
    Proud new owner of a 2016 Model-S 75!
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  5. HPDE Insurance Guy
    HPDE Insurance Guy
    I'm curious if any Tesla owners are participating in HPDE/Track Day events? If so, how often?
  6. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo Afeez Kay
    Welcome, Afeez!
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    1. Afeez Kay
      Afeez Kay
      Thank you Michael.
      Jun 7, 2017
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  7. joeski1
    Ignoring the static
  8. Abreu Anel M
    Abreu Anel M
    On like Donkey Kong
  9. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo Kdthomp
    Welcome to the Teslarati forum, Ken! :-)
  10. CarlS
    Current 2015 Nissan LEAF SV owner, future Tesla Model 3 owner
  11. Davidek
    M.C.I.B.S.(Member of The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland), and former Treasurer, BMW Club, Scottish Section(1983-1988) Age 64
  12. John Glennie
    John Glennie
    Reservation holder
  13. retrodynamic
    State ofthe Art Novel InFlowTech 1Gearturbine RotaryTurbo LikeAeolipile 10–70AD 2Imploturbocompressor 1 Compression Step From Macro to Micro
  14. Evoto Rentals
    Evoto Rentals
    If you're in MTL and need a Tesla, be sure to contact us!
  15. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo Snowcat
    Hi Snowcat! Where in Belgium do you live...? Am close to Louvain-La-Neuve!
    1. Snowcat
      I'm close to Antwerp :-)
      May 3, 2017
    2. Michael Russo
      Michael Russo
      Ah, ok. Goeien avond then!
      May 3, 2017
    3. Snowcat
      Bonsoir :-)
      May 3, 2017
  16. BestRN
    LOL love how the driver waived and gave a thumbs up.
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  17. Alan F
    Alan F
    waiting for my model 3 refund
  18. Tesla Addict
    Tesla Addict
    Be sure to check out Ten Tesla Topics on Youtube!
  19. Hovscorpion12
    Always Lurking
  20. teslarati
    New sign ups, please upload an avatar! Thanks.