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  1. Alan F
    Alan F
    waiting for my model 3 refund
  2. Tesla Addict
    Tesla Addict
    Be sure to check out Ten Tesla Topics on Youtube!
  3. Hovscorpion12
    Always Lurking
  4. teslarati
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  5. dbbeilin
  6. mike Kempsey
    mike Kempsey Breffni
    Just saw my 1st P100D (in Fargo). That to me is as exciting as Elon's announcing availability of solar roof tiles (available in April)
  7. Breffni
    New Member
  8. Breffni
    New Member
  9. Tesla Bargain
    Tesla Bargain
  10. TrevP
    Waiting is the name of the game…
  11. Bay
    just buying my first T -- rear facing seats for kids? any ventilation issues?
  12. namillarxplornet-com
    Please I would like to know what type of battery will be used in the model 3 and where will they be produced. Norman
  13. Tesla Tidbits
    Tesla Tidbits
    New shows post every weekday around Midnight.
  14. J.Taylor
  15. Sheldon Kay
    Sheldon Kay
    New S with Ultra White Tesla Premium Seats has horrible outgassing smell? Anyone else? Ideas?
  16. mark-zeitleraccrisoft-com
    P100DL Model X
    1. gene
      How are you liking the P100DL Model X? How's the build quality?
      Feb 24, 2017
  17. Tesla Addict
    Tesla Addict
    Be sure to check out my podcast!
  18. Michael Russo
    Michael Russo
    Waiting for Midnight S≡R≡NITY...
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  19. teslarati
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  20. Ben Schippers
    Ben Schippers Nasatech
    Hi. What's your email, we'll send over an invite. Are you on an iphone or android?